Friday, October 24, 2014

Making Kids Sleep Soundly And Playing Music Will Help Too

Making the kids sleep soundly is just like a business investing all the mothers’ initiatives and techniques to make profit for the kids to gain enough sleep for the growth and brain development. The following are  “don’ts” to make your kids sleep soundly:
  • Don’t over feed your children at night time. 

  • Don’t play music loudly and choose music for kids that stimulates them to sleep.  Try the music below.
  • Don’t allow the kids to sleep without hugs, kisses and saying “goodnight”.
  • Don't let them go to bed without observing necessary hygienic activities such as half bathing, changing clothes, under wears and brushing teeth. Children used to play and touched anything in and outside the house during the day may irritates them when they were already on bed.
  •  Don’t allow them doing stimulating activities such as strainous and computer games before bed time.
  • Don’t allow your child's’ room locked for you to check if they soundly sleep.
  • Don’t tell thriller stories and don’t allow them see scary movies when close to bed.
  • Don’t forget necessary bedtime activities such as playing lullaby songs, telling kids stories and or reading bible stories.
  • Don’t make noise that can interfere their sleep. 
  • A soft and lullaby songs could help too during sleeping.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Kindergarten 2, Graduation Speech (3)

My dear parents,  . . ..  teachers,  .. . my fellow graduates,  .. .  friends, ... visitors and especially to our honored guests, David Howard  .. . “good morning”. 

        As flashback, . . .

-      it’s still fresh in my memory how “mama” woke me up every morning, telling me to prepare myself for school. 

-      it’s still fresh in my memory how “mama” assisted me  fixing myself and belongings for school.

-      it’s still fresh in my memory how my teacher taught us to write, sing and dance at school.

        It’s all nice to recall but those were over and gone  . . .  for another new day will come, .  . and more challenging to all of us graduates.  I look forward that there will still more wonderful things ahead in us in the coming years.

        So parents and teachers, thank you for all your endeavor . . .  for we made one step forward again in our life and we never forget you.

        THANK YOU and once again ‘‘good morning”.

The Best Graduation Speech Ever

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Kinder 2 Graduation Speech" (4)

To our distinguished guest of honor,  Prof.  Juan de la Cruz, my teachers, my fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen “good morning”.

          Today is our momentous day, for it is our kindergarten graduation day. I know that this moment will happen once and there has no like this anymore in our lives ahead. We were been a “Kindergarten 2” and today we reap the fruits of our endeavor.  And . . . 
          “now  . . . I will greet you all my fellow graduates “congratulation” .  
-      congratulation to you, parents
-      congratulation to you, teachers
           . . .  who one way or in another  . . . . had guided and taught us during the days we were been in school.

          The diploma and garlands that will be given to us as graduates will not be just for us, but  . . . these will be for you too. 
          We, the graduates, . . . will never be graduated without you behind us. 
          We will never forget,  . . . the good deeds you have shared to us all through those days.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Pre-schoolers Graduation Speech (6)

To our very own teacher,  . . . Leonarda E. Esperaguiza,  . . . to our parents who never tired catering us every day to school, . . . to my classmates, friends,  . . . to our beloved guests no other than, Peter Bronson,  . . . ladies and gentlemen  . . ..  “good morning”.

          Seems all those efforts we exerted all through those days;
-      were somewhat like a sunrise, there has always a sunset
-      were somewhat like a streak of our colored pencil
-      were somewhat like  scribbles of our pens in our drawing book 
          which ended .  .  .  .  . we are now on our graduation day , reaping the fruits of our efforts . . . .and from the love  . . . and sacrifices  of our parents.  
-      thank you teacher
-      thank you parents
-      thank you to all of you here 
-      first and foremost  . . . . . thank you too to our “Almighty God”.
and once again  . . . .to all of you here  “good morning”.