Monday, March 3, 2014

Kindergarten 2, Graduation Speech (3)

My dear parents,  . . ..  teachers,  .. . my fellow graduates,  .. .  friends, ... visitors and especially to our honored guests, David Howard  .. . “good morning”. 

        As flashback, . . .

-      it’s still fresh in my memory how “mama” woke me up every morning, telling me to prepare myself for school. 

-      it’s still fresh in my memory how “mama” assisted me  fixing myself and belongings for school.

-      it’s still fresh in my memory how my teacher taught us to write, sing and dance at school.

        It’s all nice to recall but those were over and gone  . . .  for another new day will come, .  . and more challenging to all of us graduates.  I look forward that there will still more wonderful things ahead in us in the coming years.

        So parents and teachers, thank you for all your endeavor . . .  for we made one step forward again in our life and we never forget you.

        THANK YOU and once again ‘‘good morning”.

The Best Graduation Speech Ever

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  1. Month of March is once again a graduation to our kindergarten kids so "HAPPY GRADUATION TO ALL YOU KIDS".