Friday, October 24, 2014

Making Kids Sleep Soundly And Playing Music Will Help Too

Making the kids sleep soundly is just like a business investing all the mothers’ initiatives and techniques to make profit for the kids to gain enough sleep for the growth and brain development. The following are  “don’ts” to make your kids sleep soundly:
  • Don’t over feed your children at night time. 

  • Don’t play music loudly and choose music for kids that stimulates them to sleep.  Try the music below.
  • Don’t allow the kids to sleep without hugs, kisses and saying “goodnight”.
  • Don't let them go to bed without observing necessary hygienic activities such as half bathing, changing clothes, under wears and brushing teeth. Children used to play and touched anything in and outside the house during the day may irritates them when they were already on bed.
  •  Don’t allow them doing stimulating activities such as strainous and computer games before bed time.
  • Don’t allow your child's’ room locked for you to check if they soundly sleep.
  • Don’t tell thriller stories and don’t allow them see scary movies when close to bed.
  • Don’t forget necessary bedtime activities such as playing lullaby songs, telling kids stories and or reading bible stories.
  • Don’t make noise that can interfere their sleep. 
  • A soft and lullaby songs could help too during sleeping.