Saturday, April 2, 2016

10 Minutes Exercise Twice a Week Relieves Pain and Colds

Being teenager  at last  I am through, all those sweet moments on  my young days were now flashback and I can't hold them back but painted in memories.

Body aches, back aches and colds were the usual syndromes I usually felt when I reached 55 years old.  Sometimes I couldn't imagine and never realized yet that I am as old as  my age but the syndromes  reminding me that I am already at ''bonus period " especially that another 2 years has added  that made me hit the age of 57.

Seems those decades of years passed had not yet come to my life  but white hairs fully occupied my head and gave reasons that I enjoyed those years already in my life. Thanks for hair dyes that maintained and remained them black all the time.
The only recourse that I observed to counter all those body aches, colds and even cough was 10 minutes exercise and that will be done twice a week. While observing that exercise every week, I am aware also of foods I eat. Every time I over dose my body with a certain foods, just like foods high with fats and or sugar, I balanced it with anti oxidants food in fairness to my systemCarrots with Lemon is Good to our Body and perfect anti oxidant, try and find the difference.

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