Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 Statisctics of Teenage Pregnancy In The Philippines

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The government is just like a composer  who always composed  songs about teenage pregnancy due to the  the increasing rate in statistics. Proper parenting to teenager girls is the advocacy of every Filipino family but due to several factors such as social, educational, economic and environmental factors, proper parenting alone did not work. 

Mothers have big role to make their young girls wise enough to counter the creeping cancer of teenage pregnancy. Sexual education must start at home and mothers must aware of this.  Who will be the one to advocate this initiatives that sex education must start at home? Filipino culture prohibit this act because they consider this as a sensitive topic and not helpful to teenagers to be opened by members of the family.  Most of the time mothers rely this knowledge to be provided by the time as the teenagers learned by their own initiatives which is very disastrous to their part. 

The None Government Organizations, Private and Religious Sectors are making efforts to resolve the increasing cases of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines. The Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality (YAFTS) has a study that 14% of the girls having an age of  15 to 19 years old  in the country are pregnant. 

On this decade  sex  has been abusively used considering that out of 3 marriages, one has already experienced sexual intercourse. 

It’s sad to note that the Municipal Health Officer in our municipality announced that having 10 children delivered, one of them is teenager. I was thinking that certain report would not that so worst but when I knew that through United Nation Organization findings that 24 teenagers delivering in an hour is already so alarming in the Philippines.

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What are the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy?

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