Friday, January 27, 2017

Conceptual Framework of Thesis Making

-    Conceptual Framework of the thesis making is to choose a topic you wanted to study. Choose a topic to study that is applicable in your community or a topic that is related to your job or related to your specialization.
-       List at least 3 topics as your target for your research.
-       Choose only 1 topic from the 3 topics for your research.  Solicit the opinion of your friends, mentors and or teacher in charge to decide what topic is the right for you.
-       Make a literature review from well known magazines, reliable web sites in internet, libraries and some other sources.
-     Make a conceptual framework by answering a problem that was never yet answered by previous studies.

Thesis about Disruptive Behavior

Thesis about Teenage Pregnancy

Click below to the thesis of your choice:

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