Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thesis Making? Wanted Someone to Help or to Coach?

Are you enrolling your masteral subjects, or a student doing  thesis at school? Then this is the right time I can help you. Post anything that troubles you and I will try to do something for you.
Do you have weekend assignments on your masteral subjects or in your thesis? Then this is the right time I can answer this for you. Post these and I will try to answer that for you.

“Making Thesis or Dissertation To Me Was By Chance”

Why it was by chance? Everything was started this way; I am the 3rd child and the eldest daughter among the nine (9) children of the family. All my sisters and brothers younger than me have enjoyed the privilege of having me as their elder sister tutoring them of almost all of their subjects. I didn’t know what’s the magic I was doing that time, making almost all the assignments in any of their subjects has been answered by me correctly and or impressively.
Considering that each of them has different interests and finished different degrees and me their tutor who has assisted them through researched which simultaneously ended I have got backgrounds of each of their fields such as degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education, Commerce, Civil Engineering, Sociology and Biology.
As what I have stressed above, learning thesis to me was by chance and that was when my slow learner younger sister started her thesis as the prerequisite of her graduation. I considered it that time as the most challenging tutorial that I have so far for I was having a feasibility study on my degree and I have no single background on “thesis making”. I do everything for her, we both doing the research but I was the one providing the tools she needed and coached her even to the last hour of accomplishing her dissertation and that was her “defend”. It was a surprised to both of us after her defend as she was been declared having the best dissertation among their batch with her thesis about teenage pregnancy .
As the years rolled out, my brothers and sisters practiced their degree, some put up business of their own and me too landed a job in my husband’s province very far from them. For more than two decades, my tutorial lesson to them was finished and forgotten by the time when just suddenly one of my younger sister called me and asked my cooperation to answer her assignments of her masteral subjects in education. In spite of my workload in the office, I found myself happy again doing the researched during vacant hours to answer her assignments.
My sister again enjoyed the same privileges as the way she enjoyed some years ago while we were still young as her tutor and now she was not alone but with 5 other teachers taking up their Masteral Degrees on their education. I even enjoyed doing it now for them with advance technology on internet. In spite of the distance, everything was not a hindrance doing it for them by online or with the use of Facebook or Skype, everything would be easier to me and to my learners. If there were complications and clarifications needed on their study, chatting online was not only the recourse but cell phones can be of help too.
So, why not make a try!!!
Share anything that bothers you about your ongoing thesis/dissertations and or study and am here behind you to share my knowledge to you. Don't hesitate but call or text me with this number; 09268212800.
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  1. Dear Marienilla;
    This is my response to your message you had text to my cell phone last night about the possible questions to be answered with regards to your thesis entitled, “Attitude towards Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood”.
    I will recommend three questions for this study:
    1. What are the perceptions do parents about teenage pregnancy?
    2. What are the effective techniques do parents for their teenagers to avoid early sex?
    3. What are the educators perception such as administrators and teachers about teenage pregnancy?
    Present this to your teacher in-charge and have him or her make some suggestions and recommendations.
    Look forward for your next text or post in this site.

  2. Dear Marienilla;

    The significant of the study of Teenage Pregnancy to the NGOs and to the DSWD are:
    The result of the study is beneficial to the thrust of the DSWD and NGOs on how to deal with girls who have been pregnant at their teens. Specifically that teen pregnancy and childbirth contribute significantly to dropout rates among high school females, increased health and foster care costs, and a wide range of developmental problems for children born to teen mothers.

    The study would also benefit the teenagers who got pregnant to be aware of their right, privilege and duties as an incoming mother in spite of that they are teens.

    The study would benefit the children to be born with the right of foster care from their early development inside the womb of their mother and to be wanted.