Monday, March 13, 2017

Thesis on Attitudes Towards Teenage Pregnancy-Conceptual Framework

"Attitudes Towards Teenage Pregnancy Of The Students in Malilipot National High School"

Sample of Conceptual Framework (This Thesis is on the way of formulation)
Due to the pressing problem of teenage pregnancy all throughout the Philippine peninsula, effective and efficient study is necessary to know the main root cause of increasing rate of the said phenomenon in the country as well the possible attitudes that our teenagers towards teenage pregnancy. Finding the main root cause of teenage pregnancy is still very in the abyss for the Philippine Government considering the progressing rate for these later decades.
Teenage sexual education is practically starts from home but Filipino families usually disregard the topic by presuming that it’s not right time for them to talk with due to its sensitivity. Filipino families usually disregard the responsibility to their teenagers to learn by their own initiatives which usually direct them to wrong information.
Today’s exposure to digital technology in many facets of the  “teenagers” day-to-day activities is having profound impact on their personalities, including their attitude towards teenage pregnancy. Teenagers live in rural areas are able to acquire knowledge purely from media and communications by the of the cellphones without parental guidance due to the fact that majority of themselves of the parents are innocent about the use of cellphones and other techniques of communications.
Teenagers who were exposed to different confusing environment such as poverty, confusing impact of  the presence of media and different kinds of communications, lack of proper knowledge about teenage pregnancy and many more, might engage early sex without any contraceptives used. In this regard, the Reproductive Health Education at school must be introduced to prevent the increasing rate of pregnant teenagers in the country. Sad to say that the Reproductive Health Education is still under objections by churches especially the Roman Catholic church, teenagers who can’t refrain from early sex will be ended to pregnancy because of lack of knowledge to prevent it and so far by eve of 2017, it was found out that out of 10 births one of them was a teenager mother and that was according to the report of DOH 2017.
One of the most reasons also of teenage pregnancy is poverty.  Mothers usually leave their families for a very promising  work abroad, in which it will lead for their young children to be left alone with their father who usually can’t met the and affection catered by their mothers.  Children could have the chance to go anywhere and having fun with peers and may get wrong information and attitudes towards sex.  One thing is when the parents in a family were both busy of earning a living.  Children usually were not monitored well, they will go anywhere while parents were usually be late and have no time to make bonding with their kids who  also spent time outside with friends or spending with different media.
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